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pink teeth 2013 (available) stolen horses 2013. (prints available, enquire by e mail) Back in Berlin 2011. (available) Traffuck remix 2013 electro dub cover
pink teeth 2013 (available)


Skulls Another of my obsessions is skulls,

stolen horses 2013. (prints available, enquire by e mail)


Drawing I don’t like drawing ! I like scribbling, I like bad drawing, I like mark making But in the traditional meaning of the word I don’t like drawing , My passion for painting comes from the same seed as my dislike of serious drawing.

Back in Berlin 2011. (available)


Cityscapes After living in South London for many years, and now finding myself deep in the former East Berlin, I have for a long time been surrounded by and slightly obsessed with the beauty of tower blocks. I have made hundreds of paintings of them over the last few years. More recently I have begun […]

Traffuck remix 2013


Landscapes Landscapes have always been my favourite thing to paint, I began working in watercolour when I was just a child and my love of the countryside has only grown as I have got older. These days I do tend to abstract them quite a lot, but watch this space , I have a long […]

electro dub cover

Electro hiphop dub mix

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2 faces. 2013. (available)


Posters from the streets of Berlin, see also reworked posters